Online Coverage

We are very thankful for the interest that many people have shown for this project, particularly among the biblical studies community online. While we have posted official endorsements on a separate page, in what follows we will provide links to online coverage of the book in other venues.

newbooksnetwork2_130x130New Books Network

TH Reads (Tyndale House Ink Magazine)

LEAN (Revista Teológica Latinoamericana 5.1)

DailyDoseDaily Dose of Greek (Rob Plummer)

Zwinglius Redivivus (Jim West)


Brian Davidson

jesuscreedJesus Creed (Scot McKnight)

exegetical tools.pngExegetical Tools

The LAB: Logos Academic BlogLAB

  • 2018-Nov-14 Design Showcase (interviewing Will, and with loads of high quality photos)

etcEvangelical Textual Criticism

Mark Sequeira

hend.pngHendrickson Blog

ioscsIOSCS Website

credo-mag-logoCredo Magazine

Abram Kielsmeier-Jones (K-J)